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Called Home

Peg was called home on January 6, 2014.

I created a music video tribute for her that you can watch on the right. I also pulled a post from her blog of a poem she wrote before her last trip to Ireland. It's below.

I will miss my friend and favorite singer, but know, she is singing with the angels now, and if I might humbly add, putting them to shame.

Marcella R. Wiggins, Webmaster and friend.


On the Threshold of My Dream

© 2013 Margaret (Peg) Roach Loyd
Written at 4:30 a.m., Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I’m embarking on a journey I do not know where it will lead
It may result in my triumph, or leave me behind in defeat

Either way I’m feeling grateful, just for being able to take flight
To spread my wings and take a chance, for what might be waiting on the other side

When I think back to what has stopped me, and kept me hesitating to leave the nest
It seems so minuscule and so silly, so very foolish to not take that first step

For I would’ve squandered all God gave me, the very gifts He wants me to share
The gift of music and of beauty, the gift of light my soul to bare

We live this life with just one journey. Sometimes we’re given an extra chance or two
Or three or four or maybe more, to see the way to what is the truth

That we are not what others have told us, we are good enough to be our best
We are worthy of God’s praises, we have the strength to pass this test

And with each attempt to keep us going, on the path God wants us to sow
He’s guiding us back and gently nudging, to show us which road is ours to own

I must be mindful of His guidance I must be quiet to hear His voice
I close my eyes to see His vision, and in the darkness, see my choice

It’s not an easily-made decision, all the more reason to seek His light
For He wants what’s best for all the people, and how it is I make that right

And if I’m mindful as I lay here, in the darkness of my dreams
He will present me with the answer, by sign or symbol or outward scream

And I will see and hear His answer I will abide His choice for me
I will awake this very morning, on the threshold of my dream.




The Little Rock based Hibernia Irish Tavern has dedicated their stage to Peg. Hibernia's stage is home to contemporary local bands and traditional Irish music.


















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