Peg Roach Loyd


The Path a new CD

Carving in Stone is a collection of nine original songs and three traditional Irish songs. The original songs represent Peg’s rebirth as a creative artist and rediscovery of her soul path as a singer and songwriter. The title track was inspired by something her songwriting teacher and mentor, Robbie O’Connell, said in her first songwriting workshop. “Writing songs is like a sculptor carving in stone,” Robbie said. “The sculptor sees an image in his head he wants to carve in the stone and he’s got to chip away parts of the stone in order to allow the image to reveal itself.” Similarly, a songwriter must chip away words, phrases or parts of the melody to allow the song’s true message or story to emerge.

The stories behind what inspired each song and photos from the journey are included in the liner notes that accompany the purchase of the CD.